Edison Robot Spares Kit

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Lost a part of your Edison? Don’t sweat it! The Spare Parts Pack has all of Edison’s removable parts (and some). Plus you can tune up your Edison with the latest parts!

Increase programming compatibility across more devices with the new EdComm cable.

Has your Edison taken a tumble? Upgrade it to our new super-tough plastics! These new parts have been reinforced and specially treated to withstand high impacts.

If your Edison has been used as a roller skate and the internal gears have been damaged you can now replace them yourself.

Note all new shipments of Edisons include the latest parts with the new EdComm cable and the new rollerskating friendly clutch enabled gears.


Spare Parts Pack includes:

1 x New EdComm cable
1 x Battery door (including springs)
1 x Clear skid
2 x Wheels
2 x Tyres
4 x Gear shafts
4 x Clutch/crown gears
4 x Worm gears
6 x Allen key/hex head screws
1 x Allen key/hex wrench 
1 x Bag of silicone grease

You can use the Spare Parts Pack to Tune up Your Edison

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