SpinIt - Multi function dice

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SpinIt is a PIC based circuit that is configured via wire links to select one of 8 different games. For the teacher you have the same circuit, but the students can create a wide range of different games. The PCB is arranged so that all versions can easily be created by the student designing their own display PCB. The games are:


  1. Dice - 7 LEDs standard arrangement
  2. Dice - 6 LEDs linear dice
  3. Dice - 7 Segment numerical 1-6
  4. Dice - 7 Segment numerical 0-9
  5. Dice - 7 Segment numbers 1-8 followed by letters A-H, for grid based games
  6. Roulette - 8 LEDs
  7. Knockout - 2 x 4 LEDs for grid based knock out games
  8. Put & Take - 7 Segment


The kit contains a PCB (30mm x 40mm) and all parts.

Full details provided via our website.

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