Pixie Servo Dot

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This Pixie Dot board provides 3 servo motor connections, 2 inputs and an external 6V power connection, which will power the Dot and an 8 or 14 pin Pixie mainboard via a JST PH connector, we can supply the mating connector complete with a PP3 bat snap if required.

The servo connections take the standard servo 3 pin connector; each one also has a current limiting resistor. The connections can easily be re-tasked if you don't need 3 servos for LEDs for example.

The 2 inputs both have pull down resistors to enable easily use of switches of any type. Just connect switches and of you go. The right input can also be used to provide an analogue input if required from say an LDR or thermistor.

The Pixie Dot can be used to create robot buggies using 360 rotation serv, robot arms using standard 180 rotation servos or an animatronic projects in conjunction with the Pixie 8 and Pixie 14 mainboards, using the 8 pin Pixie Port. IIf you require more sensors and sound take a look at Pixie Animatronic Dot board which provides for LEDs, a servo, PIR input and digital/analogue inputs.

The kit contains a PCB (25mm x 20mm) and all parts.

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