Pixie ATTiny ICSP Programmer

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This mini shield is for an UNO as the programmer like the Pixie ATTiny Programmer, but provides the standard ATMEL 6pin ICSP connector, which allows this board to program directly our Pixie 8 AVR and Pixie 14 AVR boards from the Arduino IDE, once the uploading a sketch and a couple of settings have been setup. Supplied as kit including 6 pin ICSP cable and is ready to go.

The Pixie 8 AVR and Pixie 14 AVR offers a sub-set of the Arduino instruction set, smaller footprint ideal for KS3, GCSE and A Level work, a simple and cost effective way to move up a gear into the world of Arduino.

It is supplied as a full kit of parts and needs assembling, full details are available via the ICSAT website via the Support section.

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