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Using the miniature Roving Network / Microchip RN42 Bluetooth 2 Module, easily lets you communicate wirelessly with your TinyDuino via a standard serial port from your computer using Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile Mode). Once connected, this works just like you are connected using USB to your TinyDuino, except now without the wire, since the entire Bluetooth stack software is completely contained in the module, there is no programming required.

This TinyShield is great for short range communications (10 – 20 meters) between your PC / Phone and the Bluetooth module and can support high data rates of up to 2.0Mbps over the air.

Includes power supply and level shifters on the board, so you can run your TinyDuino from 3.3V – 5V.

Note: Apple iPhones / iPad users should use the Bluetooth Low Energy Shield instead due to Apple licensing restrictions.

Tutorial here: TinyShield Bluetooth

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