TinyDuino Processor Board + Li Battery Support

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The TinyCircuits TinyDuino is an Arduino compatible board in an ultra compact package. Imagine the possibilities of having the full power of an Arduino Uno in a size less than a quarter! The TinyDuino processor board is roughly equivalent to the Arduino Uno board – same processor, same signals brought out to a shield connector. In fact, most Arduino sketches will work as is without any changes.

With Lithium Battery Support - has an on-board Lithium battery charger that will charge the battery when attached to USB, via a micro JST SH connector


  • Atmega328P processor (same as is used on the Arduino Uno)
  • Reset switch
  • Status LED
  • 8MHz ceramic resonator
  • Optional battery connector for CR1612-CR1632 coin cell batteries
  • External power supported with a 0.1″ power connection holes
  • Supports automatic switching between +5V and VBATT (if +5V is present, it will be used instead of the battery)

Note: To program this board, you need to use the TinyShield USB & ICP

Note: This board does not include a voltage regulator – do not supply more than +5.5V to VBATT or the +5V signal or you will permanently damage the board and ruin your day.

Note: A TinyDuino Processor Board with Battery holder connector is available

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