Welcome to the ICSAT eShop. We are now able to offer a range of products used on our courses for you to buy to support your classroom practice.

All prices are Ex VAT, you can pay with PAYPAL.

Schools / Education may supply a purchase order with cheque OR we will send an invoice strictly 30 days, use the checkout method rather than PAYPAL option.

To mate with the Ellison Prestige Pro we now have released our range of formes, click here to download our list, when you are ready visit the Equipment section to place your order or send us a purchase order with cheque.

We have a Electronic Kits to suit the new D&T Programmable Components requirements, the kits will be in two forms: a full kit of parts or PCB packs, the supporting materials will be available as downloads via the eShop or from the main website. Our document Route map to Programmable Components is also available.

We also have materials and kits that match up with our Design & Technology KS1 and KS2 books.

Contact us for further details on any of our products or if you have an idea for a product we can bring it to live for you and others in the D&T Community.

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