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Sir I can't Draw DVD

Product no.: SP0070

A PowerPoint tutorial of a tried and tested method of teaching how to draw. Starting with dot and line through a grounding a 3D object, using underlays, creating depth, crating, thick and thin lines, shading, line and form, Planometric and Axonometric including Isometric, Perspective 1 and 2 and third angle  Orthographic projection.

A number of printed worksheets are included.

Written by George Asquith ICSAT's Graphics specialist

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New Design & Technology KS2

Product no.: BK0010

A teacher's handbook for KS2 Design & Technology, it covers and explains all aspects of the National Curriculum. It provdes you with a comprehensive set of D&T knowledge that is required for successful delivery in the classroom.

Consists of:

  • Getting started section, which covers such aspects as OFSTED's view, progression, tinkering
  • D&T Knowledge, which covers all sections of the NC, with curriculum links marked
  • Appendix, includes snapshots of example projects, completed projects

For those whose teaching of Design & Technology is highly developed, this handbook should be treated like a dessert; for those whose ability is not yet fully blossomed, this handbook should be an appetizer that will encourage the exploration of a tantalizing area of the curriculum.

The book is 110 A4 pages in full colour with space for you to write notes etc.

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