Nano-2-Uno Expansion Board

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Arduino Nano V3.0 to Uno Expansion Board

The Uno expansion Board makes your connections with the Arduino Nano a dream. It provides the same form factor as the Uno, but with a full range of pin headers making it a snap to prototype your latest project.

The board has access to 8 analogue ports, 13 digital I/O pins and Aref with 3 pin connectors (GND, Vcc, Signal), and also has independent I2C port with 4pins (SDA, SCL, GND and Vcc) and UART (Rx, Tx, Vcc and GND).

There is a reset button on board and a female jack for external power supply.

A great board for project/product development for the Nano, from which you can develop your own PCB if needed, using the Nano V3 as a component. Great combo with the Nano V3 for those in Computing who wish to do some physical computing - no soldering required just plug & play!

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