Pixie-14 AVR

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The ATTiny 84 version of the Pixie 14 mainboard, allows you to move to the Arduino system without the cost or complex boards.

The mainboard has 2 Pixie ports, the ports are arranged in an 'Arduino-like' format to match  a connector that allows other Pixie boards called Dots to be attached OR HOT  (Hardware On Top) format modules OR student designed PCBs for the development of projects . The Pixie 14 gives a readily usable system for KS3 Programmable Components, For schools it provides a re-useable base unit that can be used with many students, many times with many different student projects and solutions.

Pixie HOT  modules are similar in format to the shields used in the Arduino system, which slot on top to extend the Pixie system.

It is supplied as a full kit of parts and needs assembling, full details are available via the ICSAT website via the Support section.

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